About Jacob's Website

A photo I took during my jaunt down south while on the Amazon in Brazil.


All of our lives are a series of brief snapshots jumbled yet fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. Have you ever had one of those moments with a friend, where you see them say or do something, and it show's you who they are? Or looked at a picture, that spoke volumes? My Blog is meant to be a window into just who Jacob really is, giving those out there a few snapshots.

A photo I took in Goma of the devastation left by a volcanic eruption during my African Mission Trip.


There are a number of resources that I have posted on my website. This includes various articles that I wrote, information regarding evidence based practice and research methods, and research that I've done.

A photo of graffiti I took in Pasco Washington on a train car passing by.


I believe that developing community and relationships is important.  One reason that I decided to create my website, other then the geeky fun of it, is I believe it gives me a better way to be able to connect with people.  I've posted some resources that are about me professionally, personally, and other such information.  Feel free to contact me.